Farm and Large Animals

Maintaining good health through regular veterinary exams and preventative medicine.

At Cochrane Animal Clinic, we provide veterinary services for animals of all sizes. Our veterinarians have the right expertise to care for cows, goats, sheep, pigs, and other farm animals. We can assist with hoof care, deworming, vaccinations, injury repair, and more.

What treatments and services do you offer farm and large animals?

Our clinic provides the Cochrane area with a multitude of bovine medicine and services. These include:

  1. Herd health and management protocols tailored to the producer's program
  2. Diagnostic and reproductive services
  3. Large animal medicine consults and post-natal calf care
  4. Mobile pregnancy diagnosis and breeding soundness examinations on a herd or individual basis.

What should I do when I have a farm and large animal emergency?

We are happy to offer emergency services to large animals whenever it is needed. Due to limited staff availability, complicated emergencies such as surgery, radiology, or anything requiring anesthesia may be referred to Calgary. A veterinarian is always on-call and will provide expert advice when you need it. If you have a farm or large animal emergency reach out to us at 403-932-5875.

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