Ultrasound and X-ray for Pets

Non-invasive methods of examining the internal organs and structures to diagnose cats and dogs.

Ultrasounds and X-rays are valuable tools used by veterinarians when trying to examine the health of your pet. These diagnostic tools provide a snapshot of the patient's organs and structures, which is then interpreted by a trained professional. From the scans, our team can spot abnormalities and determine the source of your pet's pain. This is a pain-free and safe alternative to learning about your pet's internal health.

What is the difference between ultrasound and X-rays?

Although ultrasounds and X-rays are both imaging tools, they are used to examine different organs and diagnose different conditions. To get a better understanding, our team may use both tools depending on your pet's condition. X-rays are used to identify:

  • Broken bones
  • Swallowed items
  • Heart enlargement in cardiac disease patients
  • The source of back pain
  • Assist in the workup of patients with abdominal discomfort
  • Spot bladder stones

Ultrasounds are used to examine parts of the body that don't really show up on X-rays (soft tissues). We use ultrasounds in the following ways:

  • To identify pregnancy
  • To detect cysts, fluids, and abscesses
  • To evaluate organs like the heart, kidneys, liver, bladder, and gallbladder

Will my pet need sedation?

To get a clear image, your pet needs to remain still during an X-ray scan. If your pet is likely to become highly stressed during the X-ray procedure, we offer safe and gentle sedation options to make the experience more pleasant. Ultrasounds don't cause any pain or discomfort, so your pet does not need to be sedated.

How long does it take to get results from ultrasounds or X-ray scans?

Our X-rays are processed quickly with our digital radiography system. Digital radiography allows improved image quality, computer-based image enhancement, easy storage and transmission, as well as the ability to view results immediately and give the client our interpretation the same day.

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