Euthanasia Services for Pets

A painless and peaceful passing for pets with debilitating and progressive health problems.

Our compassionate and caring team goes out of their way to make this sorrowful time go as smoothly as possible for you and your loyal companion. We understand that it hurts to say goodbye to a pet that you love so much. We are here to provide compassionate support for you and your beloved pet.

When do I know if the time is right for my dog or cat to be euthanized?

A veterinarian will recommend euthanasia when your pet's health is progressively deteriorating from chronic pain, diseases, or traumatic injury. When treatments to improve your pet's health are unsuccessful, our team will recommend the humane option to end their suffering. Below are some factors that indicate they are at the end of their life:

  • They no longer eat properly
  • They have chronic pain that cannot be managed with medication
  • They lose interest in activities they used to enjoy
  • They have difficulty breathing and have constant coughing

To discuss your options, please call us at 403-932-5875.

What happens during pet euthanasia?

We often book our euthanasia appointments for the end of the day so we can take as much time as is needed to help you through your decision and your grief. Pet owners are allowed to be with their loyal companion before, during, and after the procedure is performed. The medication to end their life is given through an IV injection. The drug will put your pet into a deep sleep and cause their organs to stop working within minutes. Your pet won't feel any discomfort as the procedure is completely painless.

What happens after euthanasia?

Through our partnership with the Calgary Humane Society, we offer custom cremation options. You will have the option of choosing from a wide variety of memorial urns, scatter boxes, and keychains. We offer referrals to a pet loss counsellor in Calgary for clients who are having a more difficult time coping with their grief.

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