Lead Receptionist

Mel Lead Receptionist

I wanted to work in the veterinary field after the extraordinary care I received from my veterinarian and her team in Fort Macleod who totally turned around my very sick boy and gave me options with optimism and compassion.

I realized even though I didn't have any schooling for vet care, I've lived the school of life in many customer service-based roles and gain the greatest satisfaction if I can help a person in need and fulfil my lifetime love of animals even if it is just with a kind word and compassion.

I love my job and the fantastic team work we have at Cochrane. Every hour of the day is different and challenging, and sometimes heartbreaking, but being able to be a part of a team that cares so much for its patients makes every second worthwhile.

Fun Fact: As per NC "There is no amount of sparkle that is too much!"

And Ricky Martin Rules!